44 Squadron


Standing third from the right; Lieutenant D.V. Armstrong, possibly the best Camel flyer in the RFC/RAF in WWI.  Captain W.H. Haynes is standing second from the right

Wearing warm flying clothing. Right to Left: Lieut. GR Craig, Lieut. WE Nicholson (wearing a fur coat bought for him by his wife!), Capt. GA Pidcock, unknown, unknown [From the collection of Trevor Henshaw]


Capt. GW Murlis-Green [GMB / GSL Collection]


Off to London in one of the RFC's tenders.  Left to Right; Capt GA Pidcock, unknown, unknown, Lieut RS Bosman, Lieut. R.G.H. Adams. [From the collection of Trevor Henshaw]


Capt OV Thomas [Frank Cheesman]


A Sopwith "Comic" Camel modified for night fighting.  Lieut GH Hackwill (seated) [Frank Cheesman]


Second Lieut. LS Gedge, Lieut JH Summers, Capt. RN Hall, Lieut JD Baird, Second Lieut TM O'Neill.
[Frank Cheesman]

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